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Nelson Low Cabinet

₹190,000 Prices inclusive of taxes

The Nelson low cabinet is truly old-school-cool with a vibrant personality. An exquisite exposed metal frame marked by stylish, angular legs bolsters a beautiful combination of wood and stone, evoking the classy sophistication of vintage storage cabinets. The abundant storage space is cleverly partitioned, as four luxurious ash crown drawers flank an eye-catching, compartmentalized cavity. The distinct stone top also offers itself for things large and small and is available in a gorgeous choice of quartz or terrazzo.

Dimensions (mm): Length: 2000 x Width: 520 x Height: 650

Delivery: 4-5 weeks

Care: Keep away from direct sunlight. All seats and cushions must be fluffed regularly to maintain shape. Please refer to care instructions in FAQ for more information.

Terrazzo Colosseo Terrazzo Colosseo
Terrazzo Ceppo Terrazzo Ceppo
Quartz Grey Fjordo Quartz Grey Fjordo
Terrazzo Novona Terrazzo Novona
Terrazzo Trendy Grey Terrazzo Trendy Grey
Terrazzo Soho Grey Terrazzo Soho Grey
Quartz Noah Quartz Noah