*We’ve tried our best to represent the product as closely to their real colours, however please note that colours and tones vary screen to screen.

Bowie Sofa

₹250,000 Prices inclusive of taxes

Fans of modernism, rejoice! Our most contemporary sofa yet, the Bowie is not afraid to take centre-stage in your living room. A lively playfulness shines through the eye-catching, almost cheeky arm-rests and envelopes the opulent luxury of the wrapped side panels and backrest. From the pristine brass legs to the plush cushions and gorgeously unholstered seats, each exquisite layer of the Bowie is a vibrant, resplendent note, harmonizing flawlessly with the next as they sing a splendid symphony of colour and texture Busoni himself would be proud of.

Dimensions (mm): Length: 2750 x Width: 998 x Height: 780

Delivery: 4-5 weeks

Care: Keep away from direct sunlight. All seats and cushions must be fluffed regularly to maintain shape. Please refer to care instructions in FAQ for more information.

Side Panel & Backrest
Taupe Taupe
Tan Orange Tan Orange
Olive Green Olive Green