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Bowie Relax Chair

₹100,000 Prices inclusive of taxes

The Bowie Relax chair brings a sense of playfulness to any living space, without ever being overbearing or over-exuberant. The size and feel of this bowie leisure chair are downright compact and comfortable. Featuring a unique circular form that wraps you in its cosiness, and metal legs with a protective casing to prevent scratches on your floor. This aesthetic designer chair is a flawless blend of vintage and modern design. It is a relaxing velvet lounge chair that is a perfect piece of furniture to liven up the space that is your contemporary living room or office space.

Dimensions (mm): Length: 840 x Width: 800 x Height: 740

Care Instructions:

To make your lounge chair appear vibrant and last longer, follow these care instructions:
  1. Depending on the material you choose, stick to cleaning with a soft and dry cloth every week. Keep it away from sunlight to avoid fading of colour.
  2. Fluff regularly to maintain shape.
  3. In case of spillage, wipe immediately with a dry cloth.
  4. Avoid any solvent or oil-based detergents.
Please refer to the care instructions in the FAQs for more information.


Q. What should I look for in a lounge chair?

A: Comfort should be your number one priority, which is followed by size, style, home decor, and material.

Q. How do you maintain a velvet lounger?

A: Doing a blot test using mild soap and water is important before you go further. If it does work out well, go ahead and use a clean, soft cloth to clean any stain.

Q. Does velvet fabric fade in sunlight?

A: Velvet is very sensitive, so it’s best to keep it away from direct sunlight or drape a cloth over it in parts exposed to sunlight.

Q. How does velvet upholstery hold up?

A: Velvet is known to be delicate, but is actually durable and very long-lasting if it’s cared for properly.

Delivery: 4-5 weeks

Care: Keep away from direct sunlight. All seats and cushions must be fluffed regularly to maintain shape. Please refer to care instructions in FAQ for more information.

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