Details, details and details – Sparks is all about them! We wrapped warm Walnut veneer on the sofa and it exudes elegance and warmth. Swivel chairs help you look this way and that when conversation is flowing. Oh, and we are generous- put your feet up if you like because the proportions are all about making you feel at home. We have thought of every little thing. We made an elliptical dining table with a lovely Lazy Susan built in to make it easy to share food during laughter filled dinners. There are flutes on the bed side table, grooves on the sideboard to conceal clever finger grip pulls and a desk that makes short work of work! A little whimsy in the design made this a happy collection. A fresh green palette brings to mind luxury with velvety textures and a special olive tinged eco leather is all our favorite. Sparks may actually spark feelings of joy when you see it!