Living room accessories - How to choose, tips & ideas

Living room accessories - How to choose, tips & ideas

The concept of housing is nearly 1.8 million years old (1) which means that the art of sanctifying one’s personal space has basically evolved with mankind. Our homes are the mirrors of our way of living and therefore they need intricate attention in terms of maintenance, design and upkeep. 

One cannot discount the importance of a living room in a house because that is where you invite and entertain your guests, lounge around and spend quality time with your loved ones. By adorning this space with unique living room accessories, you can impart a warm and personalised vibe to your home. It will reflect the impeccable taste and eye for details of the home dwellers. 

4 must-have accessories for a perfect living room

If you are looking for living room accessories or decorative items for the living room, you can adhere to the following list of accessories:

  • Coffee tables: 
    In addition to having a centre table, you can also use coffee tables to create a warm sitting space in your living room. If you happen to have a fireplace, you can go for a Bowie coffee table oval, stone or round from Sunday Design to beautify the ambience of your living room. 
  • Cushions: 
    When we talk about living room home decor items, we have to give a special shout-out to cushions because of their ability to boost the aesthetic appeal of your living space. The green gingham grosgrain cushion from Sunday Design can be an outstanding addition to the home decoration items for the living room. You can get matching cushions in similar and contrasting colours and mount them on your sofas and lounge chairs to create a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. The boho chic bowie cushion from Sunday Design is perfect to be used as a highlighter. You can opt for linen, cotton or velvet cushion covers as per your preference.
  • Fragrances: 
    A calming fragrance can be very helpful in setting the right mood and ambience in your living room. It can help you unwind and relax. Scents are known to have a direct bearing on our emotions and even memory. (2) Try the Sunday sense fragrance candle for a calm & scented living room.
  • Pouf & Ottomans: 
    Poufs and ottomans are such versatile and vibrant pieces that you can accessorise them to any room for an extra drizzle of charm. The harper pouf and bowie pouf from Sunday Design are available in attractive colours so that you can take your pick as per the colour scheme of your living room.
  • Ceramic Tableware:
    Ceramics can be very expressive in terms of their ability to exhibit creativity. The beautiful designs and colour scheme of ceramic tableware can count up the artistic appeal of your living space. Sunday Design has a brilliant range of ceramics for you to choose from including their impressive green and blue collection ramen bowl, blue collection quarter plate and blue collection small bowl.

Incredible tips & ideas for choosing living room accessories

We have put together a list of living room accessories ideas to help you make well-informed choices in terms of adorning your living space.


  • Stick to a theme: While choosing decorative accessories for the living room, make sure that you stick to a particular theme instead of putting together random stuff. It will be helpful if you opt for neutral-coloured accessories with the right pop of colour here and there.
  • Be careful of the sizing: You might have seen that a big lounge chair has a small stamp-sized cushion mounted on top of it. No matter how pretty that cushion is, it won't do much in terms of accessorising. It is of consequence to choose accessories that complement the size and style of your living room furniture. If you wish to have differently-sized accessories, you can place them in layers with bigger accessories. 
  • Experiment with the arrangements: It is always advisable to go for quality over quantity when choosing living room accessories. For instance, you can add big cushions to the sofa first and then throw on some small highlighters. Try to opt for balance while putting together different accessories in your living space instead of focusing too much on symmetry. 
  • Create a vibrant mix of styles: You can look for accessories that have varying lengths, complementing colours and different textures to add an eclectic touch to your living room decor.


Your home speaks oodles about your aesthetic taste and living sensibilities and therefore it makes great sense to put articulate effort into beautifying your abode in the best possible way. After all, your home is nothing less than a sanctuary and it needs all the love, attention and care. We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you in decorating the home of your dreams. 


  1. How do I decide what to decorate in my living room?

    You can go for neutral shades if you are not sure about the theme of dedication for your living room. Furthermore, you can start by decorating a nook and then moving ahead step by step instead of decorating the whole room in one go. 
  2. What not to do when decorating a living room?

    Always choose quality over quantity. Don't go for visually appealing but substandard products. The artwork or decorative items in the living room should be in accordance with the seating arrangement and not in excess of it. 
  3. What is the role of accessories in the overall decoration of the room?

    Accessories can have a significant impact on the overall appeal of your room. They can add an extra dash of creativity and finishing touches to the final look of your living room. The nature of accessories can beautifully personify the artistic flair and personalities of home dwellers.